• BinaryFace

    Real-time Face Tracker for Face Filters

  • BinaryFace Technology

    BinaryFace provides you superior technical tools for real-time face effects to modify or transform faces on your contents.

    Real-time Face Tracking

    Track facial feature points over video frames

    Multiple Face Detection

    Track multiple faces without any latency​

  • 2D into 3D

    2D to 3D space correspondence of facial feature points and user defined points

    AR Face Mask

    Apply realistic or funny face masks into users' face

    Face Modulation

    Perform space distortions such as enlarging eyes or mouths

  • BinaryFace aims for interaction
    between humans and technology.

    With BinaryFace face filter SDK, experience next-generation augmented effects throughout your daily life.

  • Outstanding Performance

    Professionals specialized in AR & VR developed BinaryFace to optimize the capturing of micro-expressions in varying conditions.

    Accurate & Reliable


    1. Works with diverse skin colors


    2. High occlusion tolerance


    3. Works for poor or over-exposed lighting


    4. Works with head tilting or turning


    5. Stable mask application for sudden movement

    Practical & Efficient


    1. Supports iOS, Android, and Windows


    2. Works for any 2D camera embedded in phones


    3. Distortion or face-shifting available


    4. Realistic, animated masks or wearables available

  • It's BinaryFace.

    Vision Intelligence in Human Sensing Technology